The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is a law passed by Congress in 2011. This law proposed feed and transportation regulations. TAP has implemented
procedures to comply with this regulation. All grain and feed tickets include the statement below which drivers sign stating they have complied with TAP FSMA
policies. If drivers do not comply with these policies, TAP will not accept grain and/or load feed into the drivers truck.

By its signature, Driver is also certifying that the vehicle used to transport the
product named in this form is sanitary for the transportation of feed under all
applicable FDA laws and regulations. Specifically, Driver certifies that the vehicle
was cleaned after its last load or that the vehicle's last three loads did not contain
animal protein products, manure, metal, recycling products, garbage/waste transported
to landfills, fertilizers, pesticides (as defined by FIFRA, 7 USC Section 136
(2013), or subsequent USC updates), solvents or chemicals, asphalt or construction waste, medical waste, or
hazardous waste (as defined by 40 CFR Section 261.2 (2013), or subsequent USC updates). Driver
acknowledges that Trenton Agri Products LLC reserves the right to request
documentation of cleanout certificates and/or previous three loads hauled at any
time. If you are unable to sign that your vehicle meets these requirements Trenton
Agri Products LLC will not accept incoming corn, nor will the vehicle be allowed
to load feed ingredients (Corn Oil, WDGS, and DDGS) from this facility. (There will
be no clean out facilities provided by TAP.)